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LEP Construction Services, LLC will provide piece of mind to our clients who spend seasonal time away from their home or condo. Our thorough home watch checklist reviews key components of your property, inside and out. The list of items to review is fully customizable to your needs and concerns. We also provide you and your insurance company if required, with a copy of our checklist and photos emailed after every visit for verification.

  • Evaluate interior & exterior conditions

  • Check that entry doors are secured 

  • Thermostat(s) set to proper temperature

  • Change air filters once a month or as required (owner to provide replacement filters)

  • Run water through sinks and toilets

  • Meet with scheduled service personal 

  • Review sprinkler system for proper operation

  • Confirm additional services are being completed (lawn service, pool service, pest service and more)

  • Collect and forward mail as needed

  • Installation & removal of storm shutters (owner provided) with dated photos provided to insurance agency for verification


Contact us to customize a checklist for your residence and prepare your home for your return or departure.


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