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Whether you’re searching for a new home, or in the process of listing your home on the market, a detailed inspection can provide a thorough report of internal and external components. The last thing a perspective buyer or current homeowner wants to encounter is a mechanical or structural system failure within the home they are selling or are interested in buying. At LEP Construction Services, LLC, we understand how important the purchase or sale of a home is to you, which is why we take our time to analyze the productivity and performance of the systems of your property. Our licensed inspector can evaluate the structural components and exterior faults of your home, as well as the roof, plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC system.




Many homeowners get a new roof out of necessity but don’t realize that this improvement could mean potential savings. The great part is, it is not an “all or nothing” type of inspection. The following are areas addressed on the Florida OIR- B1-1655 (Uniform Mitigation Inspection Form) that will be provided for review by your insurance carrier.

  • Roof covering type (i.e. shingle, tile, metal, etc.)

  • Roof Deck Attachment (how your roof is attached, i.e. nailing size used, 6d nails vs 8d nails and spacing)

  • Roof to Wall Attachment (how the roof system is tied into your home structure, i.e. toenails, clips or single wraps)

  • Roof Shape ( Gable, Hip or other design)

  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) additional layer of protection under Roof Covering

  • Opening Protection (outside the scope of a new roof credits are allowed if the home qualifies under guidelines outlined in the report) i.e. shutters, impact resistant windows & sliding glass doors, exterior doors, garage door(s) etc. 


In Florida, a 4-point inspection may be required prior to the purchase of a home that is more than 30 years old, depending on your home insurance providers requirements. LEP Construction Services, LLC's 4-point inspections are completed by a licensed inspector and includes a limited scope evaluation of the following four systems. 

  1. Roof covering condition

  2. Heating & cooling system

  3. Indoor plumbing & water heater system

  4. Electrical system


This inspection is important if you are planning on buying an older home because it can affect your insurance policy premiums, based on the findings in our report.


Commercial buildings are often designed  and constructed in a manor that  follows more stringent building codes different from residential homes. LEP Construction Services, LLC has experience in building and inspecting commercial buildings at all stages. Our 4-point inspection meets all underwriting requirements and can be a great tool for owners to be aware of any necessary or preventative maintenance.


Building a new home can be stressful and overwhelming. Let us help ease the burden for you by providing you quality photos and drone views throughout the construction process, along with periodically reviewing the construction process. 


Insurance carriers will at times, request an inspection to review the current condition and age of your roof system. We will provide your carrier with the proper forms and photos


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